Donate to The Memorial & Distress Fund


   It shall be the policy of the Baltimore Police Emerald Society to maintain a “Memorial and Distress Fund” in an account separate and apart from the general operating account for the express purpose of meeting expenses associated with expressions of sympathy to bereaved members and associate members or assisting members or associate members who, through no fault of their own, are in need of temporary financial help.

     Under special circumstances as approved by the Board of Directors in a simple majority vote, funds may also be disbursed for deserving non-members.

     The account shall be funded via direct donation, when such donation is specifically earmarked by the donor, and through proceeds or a portion of proceeds from Police Emerald Society fundraising activities, as determined by the Board of Directors.

     Disbursement of funds shall be made to deserving parties or entities upon a review of need and a proper motion, second and simple majority vote by the Board of Directors.  When fund disbursement must be made expeditiously, the President may poll the Board of Directors via email, conference call or group text, at his or her discretion, in lieu of a parliamentary vote.  In any event, a written record of the vote results will be kept by the society Secretary.    

     First priority for fund disbursement shall be given to members and associate members of the Baltimore Police Emerald Society in good standing; all disbursements shall be made in the name of The Baltimore Police Emerald Society, and not in the name of any individual member or officer.